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Our Vision

When Used Properly The Organism Of Entertainment Influences The Lives Of People For Better. "Remm" Is Dedicated To Properly Use Internet, Television, Radio, Music, Videos, Venues, And Film As Powerful Mediums To Educate, Inspire, And Entertain You...All At The Same Time. 


                                                We Stay True To Our Roots...

                                                                By Keeping The Limits Off Of Our Success,

                                                                                                       But Not The Quality Of Our Intentions And Expectations!


Our Goal

We are well equipped to consistently enhance what it is that we do. We are always striving to achieve the highest level of reach and frequency for our investments in our projects, while keeping a keen eye on the quality of our message.

Though we are a New York City based  company Remnant Entertainment Media Ministries, Inc Productions "Out Reach" Is Global In Scope, because we utilize the latest and best audio/video technology to produce top notch in quality content.